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Last modified: Thursday, May 22, 1997 

Originally the study of biological and artificial control systems, cybernetics has evolved into many disparate areas of study, with research in many disciplines, including computer science, social philosophy and epistemology. In general, cybernetics is concerned with discovering what mechanisms control systems, and in particular, how systems regulate themselves.

The term was first coined by Norbert Weiner in 1943.

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For pages about cybernetics . Also check out the following links!

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The W3 Virtual Library of Cybernetics 
Collection of links to cybernetics resources on the Web.

American Society for Cybernetics
The American Society for Cybernetics site provides links to information on the organization, conferences and meetings, and cybernetics background, definitions, journals, societies, and related links.

Cambridge Cybernetic Society
The home page for this organization contains links to information and commentaries on cybernetics as well as abstracts from previous meetings.

Cybernetics and systems theory
Site of the Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP), a collaborative, computer-supported attempt to develop a complete cybernetic and evolutionary philosophy. It contains a collection of links that provide general background material on the field of cybernetics and systems theory.

Cybernetics research group
Site of the Deptartment of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. It contains information on research groups within the department, members, publications, and commercial links.

The Institute for Cybernetics and Systems Theory
Home page of The Institute for Cybernetics and Systems Theory. Their site contains information on their objectives, members and projects as well as journal articles and related Web links.

Yahoo!'s complex systems page
Yahoo!'s directory of complex systems.

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