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The heir apparent to Windows 95, expected to be released in mid-1998. Originally it was called Memphis, and then Windows 97, but Microsoft changed the name when it realized that it was going to miss its target 1997 release date.

Windows 98 offers support for a number of new technologies, including FAT32, AGP, MMX, USB, DVD, and ACPI. Its most visible feature, though, is the Active Desktop, which integrates the Web browser (Internet Explorer) with the operating system. From the user's point of view, there is no difference between accessing a document residing locally on the user's hard disk or on a Web server halfway around the world.

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More Information

Outstanding Page Getting Started with Windows 98
CNET special report (June 1998) with over 40 tips for installing, customizing, managing, and maintaining Windows 98.

Outstanding Page ZDNET's Windows 98/95 How-To's
Offers a selection of how-to guides for customization, file management, maintenance, networking, performance, registry and upgrading and installing.
Offers Windows 95 and 98 program information, tips, and related links as well as an extensive summary of some of the latest programs uploaded to the Internet with descriptions and download links. Updated on Aug 1, 1998

  Microsoft's Windows 98 Home Page
Official Microsoft page for information about Windows 98. Includes product and support information, features, FAQs, and downloads. Updated on Apr 22, 1998
A help site for Windows 98 based PCs with advice, tips, and optimization tricks for the PC and Internet.

  The Ultimate Guide to Windows 98
ZDNet site devoted to Windows 98. Contains performance information, details on hardware, upgrade information and freeware links.

  What You Need to Know About Windows 98
PC Magazine (June 1998) article with details on several aspects of Windows 98, including the interface, hardware support, performance and preliminary test results. Updated on Aug 1, 1998

  Windows 98 FAQ
Answers general questions about Window 98, including upgrade and setup information.

  Windows 98 Resources
Collection of links to Windows 98 home pages, overviews, FAQs, previews, and white papers.

  Windows 98: Making the Upgrade Work
PC World article (March 1999) on how to get the most out of your Windows 98 upgrade. Includes helpful tips, FAQs, and information on getting your old utilities work.
Collection of tips and tricks for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Also contains a link to a support BBS.
Complete source for Windows 98 information. Includes news, tips, reviews, discussion groups, a newsletter, and related resources.

  Yahoo!'s Windows 98 page
Yahoo!'s directory of Windows 98. Updated on Aug 4, 1998


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