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Web site
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World Wide Web

A site (location) on the World Wide Web. Each Web site contains a home page, which is the first document users see when they enter the site. The site might also contain additional documents and files. Each site is owned and managed by an individual, company or organization.

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More Information

Outstanding Page HandiLinks to Web page design and layout
The HandiLinks page offers numerous links to Web page design consultants and companies, HTML tutorials and software, guides, and resources for obtaining and creating graphics. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

Outstanding Page Multimedia design for the World Wide Web
Presents elements to consider when laying out a Web site. Topics include: audience definition, document layout, images, element design, and site planning and navigation information. Updated on Jun 21, 1997

Outstanding Page PC Magazine's InternetUser
InternetUser contains reviews of hundreds of Internet-related products, all written by the editors of PC Magazine. It also hosts daily features on tips, technology and Web sites. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

Outstanding Page ServerWatch Web server resource site
The ServerWatch site, from Webmaster Magazine, provides timely information on Web server technology and supporting tools. There are links to news, development tools, Web servers listed by product name, and an assortment of related resources. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

Outstanding Page Web Site Garage
Type in your URL, and the Web Site Garage will check for browser compatibility, Web site load time, dead links, spelling, HTML, and link popularity. Updated on Jul 31, 1998

Outstanding Page Ziff-Davis article on promoting Web sites
Provides information on publicizing your Web site, along with many userful links to related resources, such as marketing, search utilities and online publishing guidelines. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

  Great Website design tips site
Offers beginner, advanced and expert Web authoring information and links, along with information on running and managing a Web site. Updated on Nov 11, 1996

  HTML developer's reference page
Contains a collection of links for HTML editors, converters and coding, Web server software and directory services, galleries and graphics, and resources for Mosaic. Updated on Sep 29, 1996

  Internet-Tips' Robots.txt Information
Information about the ROBOTS.TXT file. The ROBOTS.TXT file is used to prevent web robots from indexing some or all of a web site. This is useful to exclude anything which is felt does not need to be included in search engines.

Offers descriptions and download links for several Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

  Yahoo!'s icon page
Yahoo!'s directory of links to Web site icons. Updated on May 9, 1998

  Yahoo!'s Web authoring tools page
Yahoo!'s directory of Web authoring tool reviews. Updated on Aug 4, 1998


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